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THE SPIRITUALY LEGALISED 4-1-9(four-one-nine) - philippians 4:19; part three (03)

ABC steps to glorified wealth and fame:
Accept this partner with the most glorified name,
Believe in that name; Christ, the master of the game,
Confess your commitment and life won't remain the same


This partner makes things rhyme; He's the author of time,
I'm a testimony; got more than tasting money,
With perfect health each morning, never seen this wealth mourning;
So much money like paper; it's proper I ain't a pauper

My eyes have seen arrows long shot to strike me,
But in such scenarios, God my keeper defends me,
My team ate victory 'cos Angels are my teammates,
A fixed match through grace; pointless to have my points less

I score goals in scores; Christ my captain settles the scores,
Super strikers come attacking; Christ's company works out my standing,
I pitch my tent on fields of praise right on key and not off key,
The word keeps me on point; not off point as I point on

I got balls to achieve goals; where I go, this partner goes,
The real bull tries to dribble but I ball bulls and bubble,
Satan goes on to strike; tries to slay economy,
But the corn on me called grace is God's coin on

You see, I don't dupe people but I'm dope with this 4-1-9,
To get what I want in the way that God wants,
Lots of blessings be for me; open doors are before me
All because God is my status; well, go ahead and state yours.
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