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THE SPIRITUALY LEGALISED 4-1-9(four-one-nine); PHILIP 4:19; part two (02)

I had to book some time to discuss with the Philippians,
The time booked, led me to a book in Philippians,
I opened a new chapter tagged with a digit four,
I really had to dig it; the knowledge versed in nineteen


Now I'm talking business; provides more than money,
New things in its busy nest every single morning,
Busy next to the God of life who shields us from mourning,
Philippians 4-1-9 surpasses Yahoo 4-1-9

Faith Operating System through heaven's floor gates and windows,
Christ is my laptop; screened interface to breakthrough,
My lap top carries Him; the password is grace,
This grace that shields me from every form of disgrace

Christ shields me from prison; He's in charge of my warfare,
Placed me on green pasture; He's in charge of my welfare,
He is the great pastor who can turn life's skin fair,
Bleaches life's melanin; takes out the darkness we fear

I don't stay in Aso Rock but you see, I so rock,
'Cos the supplies from my Abba father aren't Aba made,
My life's sweeter than ice-cream; I scream only praises
To this rock of Ages that the sages call the Rock

Every morning I wake up granted something more than money,
Amidst are two gifts from God which I open so swift;
They're the two eyes with which I see God's love and beauty,
Through Philippians 4-1-9, I prosper without B-U-T's
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