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Seen arrows in scenarios of temptations in tentation;
The desires of EROS could sometimes lead you to errors
Until lost on thrilling grounds to go around untilled lust,
That's when you see cars causing accidental scars


My mind's on the express horning to express my mind,
Seeking passage to your heart with words per sage,
Christ is the reason this new life has risen,
The new begun for the old to be gone

Take the cue from Mary and trust this God we marry;
Groomed brides at the feet of the Groom with no defeat,
Don't stay sick in your way but start seeking Yaweh,
I don't fear malnutrition when His word is my nutrition

This cover to the root is a truth to discover,
Just like my mouth chewed Mathew four verse four,
Look for four in Luke and the truth versed in its four;
Leaders are readers of scriptures; make this script yours

Even devil the evil knows the real thing that is written,
The Spirit's daily bread is the word that must be read;
It is the Spirit's sword that conquers the world,
For the light of God in us is the threat to all darkness

We survive in the sure vibes of the true roots of truth,
Can't be devoured by the world 'cos I devour his word,
Look at me or His mirror; same reflection of His word,
A pistol of epistles shot at death here on the earth

Lies in form of truth; lice in experienced beards,
But the humble lies on truth when he makes the word is his bed,
To leave out the lies just to live out the truth;
Truth is my world because I'm housed in His word.
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