FEELING LIKE YOU'RE WITNESSING A RELATIONSHIP INSTEAD OF BEING IN ONE - signs of a wrong relationship series; part four (04)

When Anticipation for participation is now a past notion;
You know the dos and don'ts; what he likes and what she dislikes;
Information without presence; you're not alone but lonely,
You recognize the relationship but don't engage in it

Relationship without passion; just routine actions,
The ship houses you, yet the ocean gets through to you;
You know you're taken but your heart feels forsaken,
You strife to happen to life; but no! Life happens to you

You witness your relationship, yet, you aren't just in;
Alone, you seemed an Angel; but with him, a fairy tale,
Though you cope in the land seeking Copeland's daily advice;
You're an Angel not in heaven but just glad it isn't hell

Managing her company; you feel breaking up will hurt;
No room for her in your heart; yet, you create a spare in your hut,
You call him liability; just enticed to his assets,
I ain't encouraging break ups just saying it's better before marriage

Enough of pastors, preaching heaven when their home is hell,
Bosses driven by wives to be stirred up by secretaries,
Wives pressured to seek pleasure at sea shores of desperation,
Yes! Enough of it all; we're MADE to Make A Difference Everywhere

You don't need a war scout before it works out,
Need not necessarily walk out to make things work out;
Yet, it's better now than later, if there'll be a break up
So that no couple's divorce will make their kids' life break up.
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APPLE OF HIS EYES - apple juiced in ice; praise and worship

They search for keys to open doors; God's kiss opens my doors,
They see doors and try their locks but all I see is open grace,
God's word is the master key; his voice is never off key,
I pitch the tenth on tithe tents, but no offering is tight enough

Life plays a game of chess and God makes us win in chairs;
Na God be the chairman wey dey always make me cheer,
Life plays a game of draught; God turns it into harvest;
Locusts try me, yet, I have rest; I enjoy low cost of labour

Satan has a weapon that tries to make me weep on;
A hell of fiery darts but I'm a cool fan of Christ;
Like sey my weapon carnal, I for end for inside canal;
Got the amour of God; Te Amo is my watchword

Satan gists us to jinx us but we're secured in Jesus;
The greatest Prof. I see; I believe His prophecy;
Paid the full fee meant for destiny's fulfillment;
His word in my world brought me purpose without poor pose

God is good is enough; there is no need for gulder, 
Na God be my popsi; celebration pass pepsi,
He keeps my vibes alive; not talking five alive,
I'm an apple juiced in ice, yes! The apple of His eyes.
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CONSTANTLY TRYING TO PROVE YOUR WORTH - signs of a wrong relationship series; part three (03)

Sometimes comes petition since the world's a competition,
Constantly seeking our worth; the approved word from the world,
Mini-world of relationship should be a different ship;
Not a place to prove your worth but a place to play Whot

Don't shut down my dreams; it's my operating system,
When emotion is shot down, the forward motion's shut down,
I wish you know what your actions play on my worth;
I did Val you my world; at least value my words

Your ideas shot down makes you unconsciously hide; yes!
Your dreams unsupported just like the rims on sore pot-heads;
Forgotten at the rare; talking about you is rare,
Your partner listens to you but never really hears you

To make you feel valuable isn't your partner's job
But to create a safe space where your worth's encouraged;
Preventing this core rage that flows in the discouraged,
When their self-worth is bashed by harsh response from their partners

I may seek approval, but already know my worth;
I know I'm valuable so I expect to be valued;
Just create space for my worth by the way you value me,
Cherish your partner to activate a cheer rich union

You feel invisible rather than invincible,
With your honest attempts shunned, all you seek is attention,
He gnaws when you ignore him; she's hot with rage when you hurt her,
Either break up or mould up; Foresee it but don't force it.
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YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE YOU - signs of a wrong relationship series; part two(2)

You don't feel like you; a fake you that isn't true,
This you is unreal; so the real life will diss you,
The real you is faded awaiting love to fail, dead;
You diss love with a fake gun until it ends up all gone

A lot of things about yourself that you are in love with
Now sifts from you as though you are just wheat,
'Cos of lots you adjust with, you're now the you without your wits;
True reflections of you, replaced by unwelcome whits

That awkward moment when you look into the mirror;
The backward momentum; what you see is an error;
You no longer recognize the image that you see,
'Cos you've lost yourself into the relationship sea

To control your partner is receptive on wrong antennas,
Changing their reflection to your desired perception,
It is a deadly swing which is mistaken for love;
Provides love with the wings to take off like a dove

Love isn't control; it is simply service,
The male's the head; the female's the neck;
The one who controls who shouldn't be the question;
But the service of love should be the quest on

This taught head sometimes got distorted views
Of understanding love as an over- standing of self-sacrifice,
Which makes you lose yourself in your relationships;
This isn't your partner's fault; just work on your forte

The core action of correction is meant for improvement,
Don't let beefing in, when correction isn't selfish;
Honest conversations aids reconciliation,
Accept the change if it works or let break up make you walk.
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JOSEPHINE - Josephine Obadigie; pengaze star

There's this Angel exactly like the Seraphim,
She soars so high with the wings of a Cherubim,
She inspires when she's smiling, her name's Josephine;
She connects hearts together, she's a human-hyphen

Straight forward without pretence, transparent like celophine,
She swims through life like she got divine fins,
She isn't selfish and you cannot catch her beefing;
Endearing and Jovial, got a lot for time for laughing

Saturated with the word, that's what she's coughing,
She's high in the Spirit, that's what she's puffing,
Called Sweet Mama J; she's a divine Jasmine;
Grace is the water upon which she's surfing

She no dey too chop but treats rice with a difference;
Dem stop to import rice but she still wallof ofada;
One of the things you gbadun when God's your father,
Josephine Obadigie is one in a million.

*Ofada: local name for rice
*gbadun: yoruba word for enjoy
*wallof: consume/ eat
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IN A WRONG RELATIONSHIP - in a wrong relationship series; part one (1)

It takes more than just the voice of divorce in thy voice;
Two parties are always needed to activate divorce;
One's action followed by response of an other's reaction;
Evict love and divorce becomes very inevitable

I've seen cars speeding up to cause accidental scars,
Forcing their way to Marriage to experience a life of more rage,
Like the gutter got her; his age drained in the drainage;
Break up that wrong relationship and save your marriage

A broken relationship's better than a broken Marriage;
But before you back out, make sure all your front was in;
The faulty elevator shouldn't stop your using the stairs;
Just that pulling out sometimes is better than pushing in

It's an error, when his Miss takes advantage of his mistakes;
No matter his erred condition, her response's can be Air Conditioner, 
Her errors shouldn't stop him from thinking her a rose;
Increase the hots for her Eros; not the hurt for her errors

The efforts from both partners is what roots deep the forte,
As they both use their forte to shoot love forth,
Place God first and let him correct every fault;
Man is second, woman third; don't create a fourth

If the relationship isn't meant for A, then it isn't meant to be;
The much work they both put in adds more value to it
To determine how much distance they take from the heat;
Embracing the heat's  enough to hit you that it's wrong relationship

Many relationship issues results from wrong relationship,
May cause heart breaks than day breaks, yet, it's sometimes best to break up,
Being in wrong relationships is its reason and breakdown;
If the death of love breaks in, better to break out free to life.
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OGECHI - Isibor Naomi; Pengaze Star

She's shapely rocking and I'm sharply talking,
Graced with God's beauty and the wisdom for duty,
God's glory upon her has never been a tale;
A true life's story; made the head; never tail

Not O.P. in H.O.P.; talking See You Na First,
ISIBOR is easy buh the NAOMI that got root,
The Oh Gee to chill with, yeah, talking OGECHI;
Got swags but never brags; she's socially special

Unto NAOMI's true root, "now hold me" is the call
From the admirers called Boaz 'cos her route is core;
No Boaz forming boss when trying to reach sisi - bae,
I see balls reaching goals on the pitch of ISIBOR

Super Model with so much fun, yet, so highly spiritual,
I wish a wish for you; that your wishes come through;
Critics can't stop your shine as your breakthrough goes true,
To all your quest on, the answer is open doors.

*OP : Out of Point
*HOP: Hospital, Orphanage and Prison unit (under CUNIFES)
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
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HOLY GHOST CARRIER - new creation; unstopped career

Jehovah overdo is the reason I'm thankful,
Praising Jehovah's over due; He made my tank full;
Only a great fool chooses not to be grateful;
Rather than pray ace, all I'll do is just praise

The things that I do shouldn't make me an idol;
It's all about God's glory and not my told story;
Need not tune up the stereo of my story for you to know
I was fore given love before I accepted to be forgiven

It's difficult to understand how grace over stands the just;
Life tries to break my backbone but God has been my back-up,
When my back was almost down, it was God that pulled me back up;
There were times I almost backed out but God pulled me back in

Satan's mission was to block my vision with an eyes-cream,
His ambition was to change my God taste with his ice-cream,
My obsession remains God; His praise is all I scream;
Like a screaming competition, I worship with a high scream

Jehovah the glorious has made His glory yours;
Yes!! His glory issued to transform your story's issue,
Devil the evil knows no barrier can stop the career
Of the new creation called the Holy ghost carrier.
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AMEH - Ameh Ryo Lucazzy; pengaze star

A long time coming like the age of Methuselah,
This one no be forming; I know this guy wella;
If you observe, you go see na him be Jossey
Wey call himself gaga; I mean Jossey gaga

See oyibo skin wey no get any stain;
Oyibo call am water, Ishan call am Ameh,
Ameh Ryo Lucazzy; the Lucas with some zeal;
This one no be orijo; this is the real Joe

He got no table fans but got fans everywhere;
Just come log into Arsenalnewspaper.com,
A computer guru wey still dey chop guguru,
Best colour's blue; arsenal beat clubs black and blue

Levels don change; not talking A.P.C.,
He glows and flows in eaze just like A.B.C.,
Deeper Lifer boy wey dey blog with WIFI,
My prayer for you is a befitting wife too.
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ANOTHER YEAR - a word play with months, days of the year; units of time

Fair to respect and honour leaders; just don't fear man but God;
MARCH on in life's jungle knowing it's APE'S REAL,
MAY you enjoy the first half that ends in JUNE,
AUTO - BARS of slavery caging minds in NOVEL BARS,
Well, the last of THESE EMBER months is what ends the year

We aren't made victims to often MOURN DAYS
But victors, well vectored always TO USE DAYS,
Unto fulfillment is where we should WELD NEXT DAYS;
As great shots, tall feats of glory is where we TOSS DAYS,
Anointing keeps me shining; I am a FRIED ACE,
God's will is the best place to INSERT YOUR DAYS,
It may be called moon or SUN DAY, yet, we are in charge

Strange things may happen; taking MINUTES of MEAN KNIT time;
Yet, God's beloved always wins; God is faithful and I MEAN IT;
God's will is very perfect and I assure you I'M IN IT,
It's the HOUR to shine; God's glory is OURS,
As Holy ghost carriers, OUR body is God's HOUSE;
Angelic SEC. HORNS per SECONDS to SECOND the forward motion;
The Clock can't stop our shine; we place God first and end up first.
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CHIKALA - life related; relationship zone; love

No be fowl play, I found my chick for real,
Before, me is shy to buy her mishille
But I'm now Mr. Big; no more small small steps;
Pepper dey for momsi; there's enough pepsi for popsi

My money is in Freetown;pepper soup is in Turkey,
All the way to Bahamas to chop our shawarma,
We even go banana island just to chop banana,
As I call her chikala, she sef call me chikolo

Easy to hit the nail on the head when you don hammer;
You go hire carpenters and even car painters,
You don't beat about the bush when you're leader Bush;
The trumPET permits Trump to blow his own pet

The point is marriage; the nail is love,
The hammer is friendship; the hand is God,
The wood is life; the hit is wisdom,
Wether life is hard or soft, it's a wood in God's hands

Virus of "beat and bite" kills love operating system;
God did compute her as the apple of your eyes;
To your wife's WIFI, be an available network;
WIFI needs connection and the network is attention.
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APPLE OF MY EYES - life related poems at pengaze.com

I cannot put a toe on this sweet potato
I hope to be the tomato that stirs me to my toe;
Spices me like onions not because of my pepper,
She sweet pass maggi like sey na magic

This love no be beans; e be like bread and butter,
This one pass sugar, I dey call am honey;
The bitter leaf of life no fit affect this currie,
Cool water to my temper, na she dey salt my life

Dem been wan lick her stew make I enter hot soup;
Grace processed cocoa; dem no fit pound her like yam,
Not for the ground, so don't call her groundnuts;
She's the apple of God's eye; the pine I pull

Sweeter than ice-cream; love wey pass shawarma,
Not ebelebo tree but go sunsh you a belle ball,
Her beauty pass yellow pawpaw and even coca-cola;
Cris and nice inner content like coconut water

Life tried to smoke me dry but she made dough for my bread;
Sabi chop but no dey beef, giver wey no dey sell fish,
I'm well taken care of; not a local boli;
She's the anointed ororo wey sabi service plantain

No be frying pan to fire; when she show, gbege dey piante;
Na she be holy water wey dey make my garri rice,
Electric cooker wey dey shock me with popori;
Always a yummy tummy; my belle no fit hungry.
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AMEN by Tim Godfrey (lyrics + audio) - naija gospel

Your hands
If you know say this year go better for you say Amen (Amen)
SMJ on the beat say Amen (Amen)
So now now Tim Godfrey say amen (Amen)
AKA tolani say Amen

Oh Na Na Na Na Na
Amen Amen

Your life e go better ooo Amen Amen
Family go better ooo Amen Amen
Everything go better ooo Amen
E go better ooo Amen
E go better ooo Amen Amen Amen

This year, this year everything go work out for your good
This year, this year Na so so groove you go dey groove
This year, this year anywhere you go you go dey rule
This year Amen This year Amen
Where others e fail oooo you go must succeed oooo
Anything wey you pray for ooo you must to receive ooo
Any battle wey u face ooo you go must to win oooooooo
If you believe am help me say Amen Amen Amen


This year,this year you go top you no go dey beneath
This year, this year you go first you no go fit be least
This year,this year you go chop anybody wey try beef
This year Amen This year Amen
Where others fail oooo you go must succeed ooo
Anything wey you pray for oooo you must to receive ooo
Any battle wey u face ooo you go must to win ooo
If you believe am help me say Amen Amen Amen


Oh Na Na Na Na Na }3ce
Amen Amen
Oh Na Na Na Na Na }3ce
Amen Amen


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COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON - merry christmas and a happy new year; samkleezy; pengaze.com

A Christ's mass full of light; spreading weighty news to masses,
God the father kisses masses with the gift of life through Christ,
Yes! Those with weights that wait on Yahweh are saved in masses,
I love the birth of Christmas; the new passes the old away

The risen Christ's the reason for the seasoned season compliments,
Then the year kicks the bucket; oh, yeah! Life fills my bucket,
Because Christ the living well always keeps me living well,
Through the fetcher of grace that ropes me to eternal life

We decide to be on this side of time called the new year,
Yet, some died on time despite preparing in time,
You can't reach more time with riches; the dead couldn't buy more time,
If being alive is your story; then you're a life testifying glory

Happy new year to my readers currently in life's radar,
A time the pot loves my belly though I got no pot belly,
When I eat a lot of turkey though I ain't from Turkey,
Though not in Freetown but rise from bed for free rice

Left to write in the book that can't be left out of time,
I don't back my front or fall out when the downs surpass the ups,
The challenges fall in, yet, I stand out without falling;
My standing order's ''pass on to win when others are failling''

Hate will only kill us; only love can heal us,
God's intent plus our invention is a kind of intervention,
Though the scissors of hate may cease us to rip our clothes,
God's needle of love walks in and works on to sew us close

A shout out to my hot fans; they are so cool to roll and flow with,
Their face books the share button as I ball things in thoughts and share,
Our impact spreads in love, so keep on spreading that love,
Terrestial ball called the world will achieve goals through words of love

We don't bank on luck but grace; God's riches locks us in Christ,
In Christ's riches, rests, solution; don't just bank on resolution,
The tensions of life's thussle place us in puzzle detensions ,
But with daily events shown, we turn men of our inventions

God has made me cross over to make me take over,
Made me understand already that I wouldn't stand under,
Passed a way unknown, but different from time that passed away,
Time passes by me but sweetening thyme never by passes me.
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