AMEH - Ameh Ryo Lucazzy; pengaze star

A long time coming like the age of Methuselah,
This one no be forming; I know this guy wella;
If you observe, you go see na him be Jossey
Wey call himself gaga; I mean Jossey gaga

See oyibo skin wey no get any stain;
Oyibo call am water, Ishan call am Ameh,
Ameh Ryo Lucazzy; the Lucas with some zeal;
This one no be orijo; this is the real Joe

He got no table fans but got fans everywhere;
Just come log into,
A computer guru wey still dey chop guguru,
Best colour's blue; arsenal beat clubs black and blue

Levels don change; not talking A.P.C.,
He glows and flows in eaze just like A.B.C.,
Deeper Lifer boy wey dey blog with WIFI,
My prayer for you is a befitting wife too.
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