APPLE OF HIS EYES - apple juiced in ice; praise and worship

They search for keys to open doors; God's kiss opens my doors,
They see doors and try their locks but all I see is open grace,
God's word is the master key; his voice is never off key,
I pitch the tenth on tithe tents, but no offering is tight enough

Life plays a game of chess and God makes us win in chairs;
Na God be the chairman wey dey always make me cheer,
Life plays a game of draught; God turns it into harvest;
Locusts try me, yet, I have rest; I enjoy low cost of labour

Satan has a weapon that tries to make me weep on;
A hell of fiery darts but I'm a cool fan of Christ;
Like sey my weapon carnal, I for end for inside canal;
Got the amour of God; Te Amo is my watchword

Satan gists us to jinx us but we're secured in Jesus;
The greatest Prof. I see; I believe His prophecy;
Paid the full fee meant for destiny's fulfillment;
His word in my world brought me purpose without poor pose

God is good is enough; there is no need for gulder, 
Na God be my popsi; celebration pass pepsi,
He keeps my vibes alive; not talking five alive,
I'm an apple juiced in ice, yes! The apple of His eyes.
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