CHIKALA - life related; relationship zone; love

No be fowl play, I found my chick for real,
Before, me is shy to buy her mishille
But I'm now Mr. Big; no more small small steps;
Pepper dey for momsi; there's enough pepsi for popsi

My money is in Freetown;pepper soup is in Turkey,
All the way to Bahamas to chop our shawarma,
We even go banana island just to chop banana,
As I call her chikala, she sef call me chikolo

Easy to hit the nail on the head when you don hammer;
You go hire carpenters and even car painters,
You don't beat about the bush when you're leader Bush;
The trumPET permits Trump to blow his own pet

The point is marriage; the nail is love,
The hammer is friendship; the hand is God,
The wood is life; the hit is wisdom,
Wether life is hard or soft, it's a wood in God's hands

Virus of "beat and bite" kills love operating system;
God did compute her as the apple of your eyes;
To your wife's WIFI, be an available network;
WIFI needs connection and the network is attention.
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