CONSTANTLY TRYING TO PROVE YOUR WORTH - signs of a wrong relationship series; part three (03)

Sometimes comes petition since the world's a competition,
Constantly seeking our worth; the approved word from the world,
Mini-world of relationship should be a different ship;
Not a place to prove your worth but a place to play Whot

Don't shut down my dreams; it's my operating system,
When emotion is shot down, the forward motion's shut down,
I wish you know what your actions play on my worth;
I did Val you my world; at least value my words

Your ideas shot down makes you unconsciously hide; yes!
Your dreams unsupported just like the rims on sore pot-heads;
Forgotten at the rare; talking about you is rare,
Your partner listens to you but never really hears you

To make you feel valuable isn't your partner's job
But to create a safe space where your worth's encouraged;
Preventing this core rage that flows in the discouraged,
When their self-worth is bashed by harsh response from their partners

I may seek approval, but already know my worth;
I know I'm valuable so I expect to be valued;
Just create space for my worth by the way you value me,
Cherish your partner to activate a cheer rich union

You feel invisible rather than invincible,
With your honest attempts shunned, all you seek is attention,
He gnaws when you ignore him; she's hot with rage when you hurt her,
Either break up or mould up; Foresee it but don't force it.
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