HOLY GHOST CARRIER - new creation; unstopped career

Jehovah overdo is the reason I'm thankful,
Praising Jehovah's over due; He made my tank full;
Only a great fool chooses not to be grateful;
Rather than pray ace, all I'll do is just praise

The things that I do shouldn't make me an idol;
It's all about God's glory and not my told story;
Need not tune up the stereo of my story for you to know
I was fore given love before I accepted to be forgiven

It's difficult to understand how grace over stands the just;
Life tries to break my backbone but God has been my back-up,
When my back was almost down, it was God that pulled me back up;
There were times I almost backed out but God pulled me back in

Satan's mission was to block my vision with an eyes-cream,
His ambition was to change my God taste with his ice-cream,
My obsession remains God; His praise is all I scream;
Like a screaming competition, I worship with a high scream

Jehovah the glorious has made His glory yours;
Yes!! His glory issued to transform your story's issue,
Devil the evil knows no barrier can stop the career
Of the new creation called the Holy ghost carrier.
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