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JOSEPHINE - Josephine Obadigie; pengaze star

There's this Angel exactly like the Seraphim,
She soars so high with the wings of a Cherubim,
She inspires when she's smiling, her name's Josephine;
She connects hearts together, she's a human-hyphen

Straight forward without pretence, transparent like celophine,
She swims through life like she got divine fins,
She isn't selfish and you cannot catch her beefing;
Endearing and Jovial, got a lot for time for laughing

Saturated with the word, that's what she's coughing,
She's high in the Spirit, that's what she's puffing,
Called Sweet Mama J; she's a divine Jasmine;
Grace is the water upon which she's surfing

She no dey too chop but treats rice with a difference;
Dem stop to import rice but she still wallof ofada;
One of the things you gbadun when God's your father,
Josephine Obadigie is one in a million.

*Ofada: local name for rice
*gbadun: yoruba word for enjoy
*wallof: consume/ eat
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