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CHINANSA - Uba Chinaza; pengaze star; the rhymes

Testimony is her story; facing the huddles
Yet, building up the yet to grow that need the cuddles,
The lyrical punches lined up in her thoughts just rhyme;
Spiritual A.T.M.; the divine Word dispenser

A girl with wisdom they call CHINAZA;
Just ask her the question, she go give you the answer,
Enemies; dem try, but dem no fit chance her,
Baba God na the ogbonge sponsor wey dey finance her

Available to God more than a free-lancer;
A pen in God's hands; no be eleganzer,
A great encourager; happiness enhancer;
Till you express the joy to join the dancers

Temptations all around to attack like cancer;
But she strong pass jando; spiritual bouncer,
She no dey sell fish; she no be mincer,
She journeys in the Christ wey get level pass Venza.
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