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EBERE (Da Voice) - EGWABOR ANNIE EBERE; pengaze star

I'd sing of how nice she is if I were 9ice,
I'd sing of her sweet flows if I were FLO,
I drive off with the key of musical rap to ice the cake,
To proclaim peace to you before I'd rap up this piece

''Oya'' let's go game; referee ''fon fere'',
Master of the pitch; my voice training coach,
'Twas a machine voice until she helped me train it;
Now the machine's gone; my shot voice's safer than the train

''Egwu'' means dance while ''Abor'' means clap;
When they both collabo we'll be left right with EGWABOR,
''Ani'' who's the pengaze star was the asked ''ibere'';
And this name was the answer: ANNIE EBERE

''Challenge'' isn't her bus stop; got a boss drive to solution,
Her patience attracts good luck; oh, yeah! suurulere,
Try to find the L.C.M. of this A.C.M.,
And you'll find out her H.C.F. is only found in Christ.

*Challenge: name of a bus stop in Lagos
*fon fere: blow the whistle (yoruba language)
*ibere: question (yoruba language)
*A.C.M. : Assistant Choir Mistress
*suurulere: patience is a virtue (yoruba language)
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1 comment:

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Egwabor Annie Ebere
    To the request called ibere, the answer’s been Ebere,
    Waited for the fourth day and came forth as the forte,
    That clears the faults by default till the comfort comes forth,
    I wish you long life protected by God’s stealthy fort
    Like “A ni BABA kan”, Annie’s a mama kan,
    EGU(dance) plus ABO(clap) for this Egwabor,
    As I wish you happy returns, package me my happy hour,
    Wishing "Da Voice" with my dear voice perfect wealth in health.