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I AM GRATEFUL - only a great fool chooses to be ungrateful; part two (02)

Your grace is bountiful, so extravagance,
Made my life meaningful and full of fragrance,
I would have been a used fool if not for a second chance,
Your comfort has been so useful that I'm very grateful

You've made my tank full; victory is my portion,
My heart is worship full; oh! The joy of full salvation,
Some call me worship fool in their ignorant confusion,
I'd rather be a fool than choose not to be grateful

Life may be stressful but Satan can never jinx us,
Life has been blissful since the day I married Jesus,
Life has been peaceful, Emmanuel; God with us,
God has been so thoughtful that I am grateful

Life's a fearful game; a game of snakes and ladder,
Despite its dreadful stunts, You have remained my father,
My nature was sinful but from me now, sin is farther,
Life would have been shameful without you to make me grateful

I've never seen a more skillful creator than Jehovah,
A handful of His glory makes my joy run over,
A fistful of His love makes all of my battles over,
He charged my life bar full and has made me so grateful.
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