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RESTORER OF LIFE - JOHN 10: 10; The earth was a tomb of death till Christ turned it a womb of life

The turmoil of earthly passion and mists of gloomy depression,
Dreads of uncertainty in the midway of extremes,
Violence of human ambitions and sublimation of human deception,
In readiness lies anticipation and in anticipation lies salvation

God got your conscience and your conscience got your confidence;
Your confidence is your life; true life resides in Christ,
Conscience is the record of Soul's earthly sojourn,
whatever good or bad is a function of man's free will

Sages say this world is only a market place;
Home is a haven of rest called the sweet heaven palace,
What the hell!! So not all get home after all;
This narrow escape covers none that choose to stick to the broad way

A fool aged by the reign age; living his full age drained,
Like the flow of the gutter which is meant for the drainage,
A fool says in his heart, there is no God,
Resisting God's pull on him; Dodging the gospel power

From the womb of our mum, we were birthed to the earth;
The earth was a tomb of death till Christ turned it a womb of life,
Now it's your choice to be reborn; you can be born again,
We were birthed from womb to the earth; death will launch us to another realm

Like a kid in the womb uncertain of the outside world,
Many live life uncertain of the certain afterlife,
Afterlife of eternity for all that live on the earth,
Better be touched by God's power now and escape the torch of fire 

Your disbelief seems like wisdom; but the future thinks it foolish,
A state of 'had I known' that could be averted by choice,
As simple as A,B,C; just by believing in Christ,
As foolish as it sounds, it's an eternal wisdom

Join over ten of tens to publish John ten ten;
Don't be conditioned by 'if statements' , there's a thief that steals life,
Only one shepherd restores life to connect us back to God;
He's the Jesus that stops the thief who always tries to jinx us.
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