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TEMPTED BUT JOYFUL - James 1:12; poetic gospel; inspired by scriptures

So dark a friction, causing our light affliction,
But words from Christ the Oracle; oral cool in tribulation;
We operate from unseen scenes; we don't look at the seen;
Faith in the Word grants good fate in this world

Challenges aid promotion; effects the motion of the pro,
With milk teeth gone, go on when you meet strong trials;
If it's time to go a way filled with heartbreaking hurdles
Challenges won't go away just because you want cuddles

I don't thirst for weights but I wait for tests,
Situations of circumstance can't condition my joy instance;
Determined to be unstopped by the so called deter mines;
God's word is the detergent bleaching off the deter agent

An epitome of glory; I got my glow real,
Devil the evil is ever under my feet;
His tentacle can't tackle my pinnacled ankle's feit,
Got strength to conquer all; my name is conqueror

Moments more tests play on thirst; Yes! More meant for good,
The air-it-age sometimes triggers the err-it-age;
In a constantly changing world, the changeless word's our heritage,
For God feels what I pass through when in water or fire.
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