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THE WISDOM OF THE RIGHTEOUS - Luke 1: 17; champion ability not veiled by slave mentality

Champion ability but slave mentality,
Enslaved in Egypt; they forgot their identity,
Freedom at last, yet, their mind wasn't a free dorm,
So God had to lead them with a prince with king mentality

Given life by the father, yet, acting Egyptian mummies,
Gifted the life of winners, yet, acting enslaved dummies,
Victors for real but not claiming the victory,
Whose report do you believe; God's or circumstance

A carry over from the world into the realm of God's word,
Unrenewed mind thinking poverty, sickness and guilt,
God's word is His wisdom; helps you think and act right,
You are the righteousness of God? Then use the wisdom of the righteous

The report from the ten spies obviously had bow legs,
The words of Caleb stood out without K-legs,
Joshua's case too was different; chose to believe Yeshua,
Believing God's report activates real port to breakthrough

By their fruit ye shall know them; the living faith got God's fruit,
Instead of a dead faith, replace your mind's world with God's word
To prove that good, acceptable and perfect will of God;
Nurture your nature and conform to God's full stature

Having your mind set for victory points to great fate,
The mindset of victory is the standpoint of faith,
Standing from the Word's point; believe and declare it,
The wisdom of the righteous has been made right yours.
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