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The me in me can fail but the God in me never fails,
The me in me can fall down but the God in me picks me up,
The me in me can give up but the God in me never stops,
Got power than my usual might; God lives within me

A genius isn't just born but baked to be made,
It's all about my choice, so I choose to be one;
I'm a man with vision working on my mission,
No matter what comes my way, I'll win and never quit

I'll be myself and make it; I'm wonderfully made,
If I fall, I'll get up just the way champions do,
I'll fly so high to the sky as long as I always try,
I'll conquer all warring foes 'cos God is my hero

Be yourself and make it; God has made you a great star,
If you fall, get up 'cos winners never quit,
To fly high to the sky, the first step is to try;
Till you ahine as the unique star the creator wants you to be

With my hands in God's hands, I follow the right flow;
Wherever I go, I know that I am meant to glow,
What ever you believe, you can certainly achieve,
Don't quit the try-angles which will cause your elevation.
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