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DOUGLAS GLADYS - pengaze stars

A bouncing baby girl balled into the earth,
A girl banked on Christ; the world got the alert,
So this terrestial ball called earth is blessed; I bet,
A happy jovial Angel that I'm glad to have met

The name of this cutey is called DOUGLAS,
Always reflecting good things like she's a dough glass,
Her dress sense's cool; she uses mirror of Success,
She's a queen hence a mother; super star rated six-star

God is her strength; turned Satan her stepping stone,
Got the wings of an eagle; the sky is her spring-board,
She's as bold as a lion; life is her jungle,
The heat of life tries to reach her but she's cool with her fans

GLADYS really knows what to be glad is,
God's full stature operating by the scripture,
Fantastic classic physique welcomed by the unique boutique,
A Healthy Wealthy future is what I wish for you.

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