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EFORUOKO COVENANT - pengaze stars

A leader and a ladder; bride of Christ; God's pride,
A pastor to many, helping to conquer opposing tide,
She's a mother to many and God is her father,
She's an Angel to many and Christ is her groom

An epitome of beauty; I'm talking EFORUOKO,
The blind can see God's love for her is kokoroko,
Dem try to fall her hand but she stand gidigba like iroko,
No matter the challenges, God on your side is the koko

Covenant keeping God is in covenant with COVENANT
She dwells in God's bosom, so she blossoms; very vibrant
She houses the Spirit; Landlord of God's wealth
Christ took the stripes to make her permanent tenant of health

Divine teacher and great writer, not so easy to wrong her
Na God's Spirit dey teach her; not easily broken
Always puffing the Spirit; always spitting words unspoken
Soldier in God's army; R.C.A. celebrity.

*R.C.A. : Rural Crusaders Activity; an arm of CU-NIFES
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
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