God'sPoetess' Useh Blessing - pengaze stars

When I say BLESSING, you say USEH,
When I pray for blessings, you say "ise",
God's priceless poetess; her write ups are divine,
Obviously branched from Christ, The Vine

The dogs bark no more 'coz Jesus got her back,
The bees wonder why she's the one God calls honey,
She's the apple in God's eye that surpasses Adam's apple,
Just like the keys to every lock, this girl is a kiss of luck

A fantastic girl with swags; her physique is a blessing,
Goddess called GOD'sPOETESS; it's allowed if you say USEH,
She got voice; makes no noise; her name is BLESSING,
No cock and bull talks; works for love; walks in love

A magnetic attraction of celebration and jubilation,
Her angle's elevation by God's divine direction,
Fantastic and classic with basic unique solutions,
Creative in all situations like the God of creation.
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