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HE IS THE LAMB AND THE LION - the lambslain in pain; the lion rules in full

Some Angels sold their right, yet, I remain a soldier,
I see Lucifer already loosing far,
Fallen Angels now demons, I guess that's why they mourn,
The demons go crazy 'coz God's power is military

A lot of problems to solve; Christ became the solution,
Been differentiated from the world and integrated into His Word,
The devil raised to powers of the evil of untrue roots
Can't withstand our square roots in Christ, the divine true root

Christ is the rooted vine; believers are His branches,
Devil bruised His heel but He differed from Achilles,
On the same soil with the vine; nothing can soil my soul,
Salvation's a core option; frees the soul from corruption

Christ is the lamb that was slain in pain for our gain,
Devil the evil was fooled, for the lion rules again,
Descended to hell with the Holy ghost fire,
Wow! He was so cool to ascend with some fans

From genesis to revelation, he is Alpha and Omega,
In a timeless eternity, he's the Beginning and the end,
Ageless and changeless; he is the Ancient of days,
Father, Son and Spirit; Saviour, friend and Lord

Dare the heights eagles fear, and the sky will turn your spring board,
Become the bold lion and the world will turn your jungle,
When God becomes your strength, the devil turns your stepping stone;
The way to God is his son who shines brighter than the sun.
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