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HIN NO DEY OVER BELIEVER - it is ''impossican't''; spoken word; samkleezy

My brosis and sisis! No be small thing o. Some sadist been try make me the least but na Baba help me resist even when dem persist. I no even know sey dem target my bone and marrow with the arrow of sorrow to finish my tomorrow.


As God show to stop their wayo, na hin sand sand enter the flow of their paro na. Na dat time dem foe wey bin dey call me zeroe know sey I get commando wey pass Jack Sparrow. The number one hero wey pass Jando. Na why I dey glow wherever I go o jere.

Ol boy! It is not a small something. Satan the deceiver bin try maneoveur things to over me but I thank God for Jehovah the sweetest lover ever wey dey make my joy run over like a river with a divine cover. Base on believer wey I be na, Jehovah go remain my deliverer forever and ever and ever jor because hin no dey over believer. Chai! It is very ''impossican't''

Godfatherism dey make people dey do some kind evil dey serve devil but dem no get level. After all even if we no get Godfather, we still get God the father wey dey take us further beyond the border line wey dey make men bother about one or two things until dem begin wonder how we take reach the top of the ladder. Na everyday I dey elevate not to relegate. Na why I dey jubilate and go still dey celebrate
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