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HIS WORD IS MY MIGHT - With God's word as my might, I win every fight

His word shines as light
To brighten my sight,
With God's word as my might
I win every fight

Having receptive hearts is our role;
Words hotter than coal
Reaching for my soul
To make me whole

I grow up daily in the Father's ways,
Viewing my self's x-rays
Through the Son's rays,
From words of the Ancient of days

Your word lifts me up
And shuts Satan up;
Helps me not to give up
Even if I flop

That the Spirit is a teacher is very true;
To often hear him speak to you,
You got to listen too;
He'll surely lead you through

Despite the giants at your rear,
Open your ear
And you will hear
Words of faith to conquer fear.
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