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JEHOVAH IS MY COVER - he can be yours too

I searched for a fountain that was gonna quench my thirst,
Searched for the rain to wash away my dirt,
My stains caused me pain as my soul sought for rest,
My efforts were vain, even though I tried my best

God stopped the devil's arrow 'cos He is the King of kings,
He took away my sorrow and gave me reasons to sing,
I don't know tomorrow nor the hurdles 'twill bring
But the God watching the sparrow will bear me on His wings

It's not by power, nor is it by might,
But God's power this hour can open your sight,
Believe his shower of grace and be relieved from the night;
He'd make you his tower and with His power, win your fight

God's joy like a river can always see me through,
I know I've got Jehovah that will always keep me true,
He is the reason I don't waver in anything I do,
Jehovah is my cover and can be yours too

In the palms of God's hands, I have a safe future,
I'm not on sinking sand but anchored on scriptures,
On Christ the solid rock I stand; he founds the greatest structure,
I'm featured in the promise land; captured in God's own picture.
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