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LIGHT OF THE WORLD - Christ stepped down into darkness

My counsellor and anchor is a great man of valour,
Opened grace door, bore our sins and secures us to the core,
I saw chains broken by His chain saws; His warships conquer shores,
He is the light of the world; saviour with the greatest might

Though the ancient of days paid sin's wages and opened cages;
Squeaking hinges of challenges still evolve at different stages,
Life's pages change in ranges but God never changes;
He is the light of the world ever shining so bright

Consistent and persistent is the trademark of the resilient;
But despite the time spent in dents, there's still time to repent
God's love is eminent, prominent and sufficient;
Receive the light of the world and he'll brighten your sight

Not slack and swift to attack is the champion's mark,
The comforter isn't a quack but got your back; His love's on track,
Fear ransacks us in the dark but faith ignites the victor's spark,
Through this light of the world that changed our plight

Leaving backgrounds where fear abounds to aim the higher ground,
Where the sound of love is found around where grace abounds,
Devil pounds his threats but God's around to break the bounds,
Accept this Light of the world and let Him relocate your site.
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