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MAN IS HIS OWN ENEMY - Man has refused to come to terms with the causes of his failings

The myth of voodooism has wreaked a lot of havoc on mankind's foresightedness. Man has refused to come to terms with the causes of his failings. His sense has been clouded by obnoxious beliefs of hypnosis. He is always on the lookout for the victim to shift his blame on. He builds walls around himself creates unnecessary battles for himself. He creates an atmosphere of enmity. Man becomes so wild like an inferno difficult to put out. He seems insurmountable. Man's mind is fraught with self-pity. He wonders why he is miserable and unable to unravel the mystery. He envisages a smooth voyage, forgetting there are two sides to a coin. He has refused to start up again after  failed attempts. He possesses mobile limbs with a crippled mind. He is so myopic!

If a man is hypnotized, he could break himself loose if he had a rethink and stop casting aspersions on his kindred for his ill-fate. His worst disease is ignorance. Man has forgotten that victories and successes do not come by readily overnight like in some fairy tales. He yearns for outstanding and enviable successes. But my question is;' Is Man ready to pay the price?'   He luxuriates in fantasies but fails to match them, succumbing to fate. Man should remember that it took the children of Israel forty years to reach their God's promised settlement. Also, Rome was not built in a day. From my observation, I have come to realize that man detests 'Perseverance'. Man does not want to give destiny its chance. He has refused to explore what is within him to propel him to his destination.

Man will continually be his own enemy until he becomes realistic with himself. Man must learn to be at peace with himself, love himself and see the best in himself before he can conquer his supposed enemies. It is the best therapy! He should conquer within to conquer without. He is distinct in his ways from his counterparts. He has what it takes to reach the peak if only he can look inwards rather than farther. However, he has refused to focus on himself but swayed by others' whirlwinds. He is so forgetful that he refuses to act.

Man's dreams have been shattered. He is lost in despair, resorting to untoward acts and taking solace in hallucinogens to kill anxieties. He incarcerates himself, wages war against himself. He refuses to reassemble his broken parts. He does not look within to aid himself with his unique qualities.

It is time man stopped warring against himself but looked within to fight his supposed battle. He has to examine more inwardly than farther. The weapons to combat and conquer are within his reach. He has what it takes to stand out among his contemporaries.

He should look for where he fits and explore his own.

*Photo credit: Latiff
*written by: Damilola A Odunukan
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