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MY SURE COVER - Lion of the tribe of Judah

When I think of all you've done for me;
How you died for me and now live in me,
Rescued me from my enemy,
And brought me into your family

You died on a cursed tree
Just to set me free,
Opened my blind eyes to see
How you've calmed the raging sea

You came as the spoken word,
Yes! The word turned flesh and blood,
A divine flaming sword
Sent to an earth without form and void

King of kings and Lord of lords;
You guide me with your staff and correcting rod,
You broke my heart's hardened pod
And destroyed all my binding cods

Oh! Lion of the tribe of Judah;
You made me find you without the ultimate search of gulder,
You're the father that carries me on your shoulder;
When life becomes a jungle, you make me bolder

All I've got to say is thank you Jehovah;
You're the greatest lover and I'm yours forever,
Whatever comes my way, I remain a believer;
You're my sure cover that gives me joy like a river.
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