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OLUCHI GIFT EHIOBU - pengaze stars

I may not care for all you chill but care for OLUCHI,
So this piece is gifted to OLY THE GIFTED,
Yes! To the gracious writer called EHIOBU GIFT,
Whose tomorrow's spiced with more than a row of sweet marrows

Her physique is as unique as a chemistry tutor,
Not a beauty recruit but a cute queen of beauty,
She's both hot and cool; a boo thick for boutiques,
Online fans are in line with her electrifying flows

Dem call her Online Queen 'cos she's so mouthed online,
I ain't known as a prophet, so hope this prayer's perfect;
That God gives you more connections even than the Internet,
Because your God the father's more connected than Godfathers

If life were fair, then her skin would have a twin,
So when life's unfair her complexion turns the focus,
I like the way she poses and the way she writes her proses
I wish the best to poet Oly with a very Oily voice.

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