We are all Christians and his name indeed is CHRISTIAN,
Shalom is peace and his name indeed is SHALOM,
All I GOT IS ISE to prayers of AGHATISE,
A great worship minister; the unique classic OSAYI

What proceeds from my mouth is a celebrity song,
My name is SAM, so let me call it a SAMsong,
Would have gifted the galaxy, but prayer's more than Samsung,
These words that are true are from the book of psalms sung

I wish you long life, perfect peace and prosperity,
Your creativity will be a model from divinity,
Example to Humanity; leader in totality,
Man of integrity; a blessing to society

The pen is mightier than the sword; knowledge is his nuke,
A voracious reader into the sales of books,
You want to get inspired? Visit the Shalom's Books,
I guess you know, you can connect with him on Facebook.

*ise: amen
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