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OWUZO IRENE - pengaze stars

A scene from afar; I wondered what was that enticing,
A lot of people eyeing, dem couldn't push their eyes in,
I got to the scene; knocked out not by Mike Tyson;
The beauty of her flows, hin even sweet pass icing

One thing about this Irene is getting all she's desiring,
Even greatness will never ever dis Irene,
Life may be tiring but she never thinks ''retiring'',
All she knows and does is always refiring

Challenges are the wings that keep her soaring,
Grace is the sky in which she is flying,
God is the father on whom she is relying,
The Spirit is her glory; glory unfailing

Faith is the key which she's always applying,
Hope is the door which she is opening,
The divine presence is where she is entering,
Love is the bed on which she's lying.

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