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SEBASTIAN SKEYZ - pengaze star

With your ear piece on board, enjoy your musical piece in peace,
Thoughts back to C.D.A.; talking words to wards,
The above punch line is not a line for the punch,
But old news for the handsome vibrant celebrated star

When it comes the P I know, I see you na first,
He loves playing with keys like sey na Holy kiss,
He go come dey form soprano on top the sure piano;
Talking Sebastian skeyz and not Alicia keys

Soar in Jesus name in this game of fame,
The guy's real for sure, that's why he's my real guy;
P for piano and for this guy that I know,
A holy ghost carrier with a musical career

Swim on in life in it's pool of wealth and health
And prosper in things pass the term prosperity,
I wish you better wife to flex this your long life;
Wish you better days ahead; prepare the cake for lunch.

*C.D.A. : Campus Discipleship Activity; an activity group in CU-NIFES
*CU-NIFES: Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
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