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SOURCED PENS FOR SUSPENCE - Conjuring the word play that can make the world play

The right things in life can be expressed in writings,
Left right with the truth scribbled in the master mind,
I coin out beauty from icons of duty
Captured in the art by the bubbling +Bubbly B

Easy to do my thing when the tools are in my tin,
Close to my inspiration; open realms beyond fiction,
I source pens for suspense to pass on my flows
Like ink through straws to my pen sued note pad

The lyrics in my note pad aren't that bad,
Conjuring the word play that can make the world play,
Exchanging music pleasantries with poetic spirit;
Tabled matters in my thought expressed with cheers just as taught

Life's a game of time and also chance related,
But when spiced with lyrical thyme, dance mode is activated,
Dance of truth to compliment the melody of the flute,
The violin intersects to lift the vibes to the ceiling

Life's battle is pitched in the field of the mind,
Points dribble through my mind to the net of truth,
I defend my goals when hitting and striking points,
Attack and tackle mistakes; music eraser is my referee.

Photo credits: +Bubbly B
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