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SPECTACLES - ushering men into Christ’s community through the power of Christianity; spoken word; pengaze.com

I believed in God, yet, entangled to an angle by bangles of the law. I was entangled in tentacles that made me buckle; depraved and enslaved with what my nature craved. You see, my struggle was awesome, yet, not enough for my ransom. I was winsome but not enough for my freedom; appeared handsome but remained in the law’s bosom. I couldn’t blossom in a kingdom so fearsome. That was how I became an object of ridicule.

With a sickle to my neck and a chain to my ankle, I couldn’t sparkle or tinkle without speckles of wrinkle. I heard Satan chuckle ‘cos I couldn’t leave the circle of ridicule without a miracle. A lot of noise influenced my choice. That’s when I heard a still small voice call me unto salvation; I’ve made you an oracle in my tabernacle; given you the grace to operate from its pinnacle because a “spectacle” is what I have made you. I got the simple principle to follow Jesus’ example as His disciple. I am his temple; he lives in me.

I upgraded from humanity to divinity through Christ’s ability that transcends reality. It was difficult breaking my will once I was in charge of the wheel so my deal was, “Jesus, take the wheel”

We are spectacles.
Spectacles to many who die in iniquity, ushered into a Christless eternity
Spectacles ushering men into Christ’s community through the power of Christianity
Spectacles portraying to the world, a history of the mystery of the victory of all victories about the slain lamb who rose again and now reigns; seemingly died like a fool but now rules in full.

What I saw was a lamb slain for our gain; his muscles strained in pain as blood drained from his veins into a plain cleansing fountain. Yet, looking around, I saw destinies shattered to the ground. Though grace abounds, many are still bound, yet to be found by the found. Remember! He once came for the needy but is returning for the ready.

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