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THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNS - Yes! I lost my way, But I'm back to stay

I see your light ray
That shows me the way
Back to your pathway,
Where the prodigal son turns okay

Yes! I lost my way,
But I'm back to stay
In your path each day
Oh! Ancient of Days

I've fallen yet again
Crashing with such pain
Which makes my weakness plain
And my efforts vain

But grace makes me gain
the cleansing and healing rain
From Christ's blood fountain
Which flows in my vein

Standing up to Satan's roar
Has never been by power;
Having blossomed flower
Isn't by heights we tower

As God's tower every hour
I daily enjoy the shower
Of Blessings that don't go sour,
I don't lack bread; God's word's my flour.
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