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TIME - Wisdom and understanding gets the competition settled; part two (02)

Time makes many hustle;
Many never come to the end of the struggle,
Beating time isn’t a function of how well you wrestle;
Wisdom and understanding gets the competition settled

It’s wise to be on time,
Unwise to be behind time,
Not bad to be ahead of time;
How well have you managed this inevitable time

It’s either you make time a useful tool
Or time makes you a useless fool;
A lifting stool to your potential
Or drowning pool of your potential

It’s true that life is a stage
And beating time isn’t about your age;
It depends on how you spend each life page
Without being trapped in time’s cage

As long as you still have time
Then you can still beat time;
Remember! You just got one life time
To actually beat time

The competition with time is a race;
God has poured his grace
On every human race
To take the first place.

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