YOU ARE SUPERIOR - there is no one like you

Life is full of persons; you're just one of them,
There's no one like you; you're superior,
You become inferior when you choose to be,
Someone else rather than who you are to be

Life is full of lessons which I hold firm,
In all I do, I'm a conqueror,
I'm a great warrior 'cos I depend on,
No one else but God to see me through

This life is a race which I must run,
I'll run all my days till the victory's won,
I have got the grace of God's own son;
It's on what He says that I stand upon

I'll just act my role on this life's stage,
God preserves my soul from its evil cage,
I'll chase my goal not minding my age,
Till my life in whole becomes a fulfilled page.
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