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AWESOME IN YOUR WAYS - none can take your place

So unique indeed
To be in your loving grid,
Enjoying your loving seed;
Grateful for your gracious deed

Thanks for the latter rain
Poured out for my gain;
Refreshed again and again,
Your love made so plain

You're the ancient of days,
Awesome in your ways,
None can take your place;
My heart is your palace

I live to worship you,
Glad your grace sees me through,
Your love has been so true;
None can do the things you do

Made me whiter than snow
And play me love from the cello;
Amazed, I try to know
Why you love me so

Captioned with my biggest font,
You are all I want,
War fronts got fear to flaunt;
But I got you at my fore-front

Transformed me with your kiss
And now my life's full of bliss,
Your grace to flow's my grease,
Your word to feed's my cheese.
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