MY CHAIRMAN - I'm not in Aso Rock but I so rock

Baba God na the CHAIRman I dey TABLE matters to;
He swept away my FLAWS; lifted me beyond my CEILING,
Daily sits on my COUCH to COACH me about life,
Helps me WIN THOSE that stand out to block my open DOORS;

I call God the chair man 'cos he always carries people,
We all feel him wella; na Him dey CUSHION our weight,
Makes us comfortable always close to comfort tables,
His gospel dismisses spells and is like '' Go!! spell.''

Na Baba be the chairman wey dey make me dey cheer, man;
I'm a fair man wey no fear man in this unfair world
Because my God the father pass all dem Godfathers,
He supports me with legs; I'm more connected than Internet

God is good is my MOTTO; my Chairman DRIVES me like a BOSS,
He no dey ever TIRE to dey TURN my life around,
Popsi wey pass PEPSI wey don turn me super STAR,
I cried over spilled milk until the day he spilled his blood

The reason I scream is the ice cream of my chairman,
His eyes cream brightens my sight; so my high scream as I cheer, man;
Caused the cease of the seas that rage, and decease of my disease,
He is the Abba father who is not an Aba made

You no fit kill my cheer, man 'cos you no fit stop my chairman
I sometimes err but the throne of Grace is His chair, man;
Forget the guilty past; God expects you to cheer, man;
I'm not in Aso Rock but I so rock 'cos of my chairman.
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