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ODEGUA EUNICE - pengaze star

Let me jingle the cow's bell, to get over some milk
To this bread of peace, buttered by My Tea God;
Deserving more than three crowns; She's loyally meek,
Bic boy with Eleganza, describing her elegance here

She is a chair lady I always love to cheer
As I'll go the extra mile, just to see her smile;
At her sight I see stars, sister above sisi-stars,
The pillow on a bed, a bird you can't pull low

Everyday she Glows, the Earth is Alert,
Air Tells me of her birth, without Empty Ends,
Queen of Hearts hid in Christ, the awesome King of Ace,
So Jack can't club her heart, with a Joker card
Fantastic classic physique, unique for peak boutiques,
EUNICE; you nice, special and social,
Samkleezy feels your sisterly efizzy,
Long life in wealth; I mean health in prosperity.

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