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Chapel committee spice up events like pineapple,
Another flow for one of my friends in chapel,
Even my eye knows she is indeed an apple,
And I know by the Spirit that she is Christ’s disciple

God’s lifting ANTHONIA and turning her in for fame;
And toning her with wealth; good health to ANTHONIA,
Charming and caring attractive IMAYUSE;
IMAYUSE’s one of the best ma’am you’ll see

Priceless jewel; one in a million,
She ever dey do well; one in a million,
Admirer thinking of chasing her, oya, go sir;
And you’ll ever be favoured to be with OGHOSA

Jehovah the designer was the God who designed her,
Epitome of beauty without comma or B-U-T,
Where all go soar, sweetness comes with OGHOSA;
She is a star framed in heaven’s wall of fame.

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