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The fact that Esther bleaches doesn't get her established,
Coke and Kola together doesn't make cocacola,
Concocting teddy and beards doesn't make teddy bears;
Sometimes, sims don't have network; sometimes, things aren't what they seem.

The hilarious bill of the clean thing called reciprocated love;
Oh! Bar man's heart is broken for losing her to Obama,
She has been very patient yet Goodluck's heart's still on locks,
She boos Harry off just because she loves Buhari

He's in love with the Rihanna who says,''I ain't your real Hannah'',
Wants Beyonce as Feyonce as if she calls him the real dearie,
Craves Alicia's kiss but got no luck to her heart;
You take him so dear but he sees you as deer for dessert;

The police pleads,''please'', yet, she sold her love to the soldier,
Ten cuties tripping for the Landlord who just sees them as ten ants,
And Gina loves engineers so it's a duck tour for the doctor,
The nurse he loves doesn't nurse his feelings so the fireman's emotion remains on fire

Ready to wait for Eva but she wants him to wait forever,
Steve's heart goes stiff the eve he proposed to Eve;
Bows this knee to his Disney Angel but this ends in a diss,
He's been desiring this Irene but she's eyeing another

See words from Zee world to woo in a life of telemundu,
But she plays him like reggae without romantic blues;
If I waylay Awele as though I'm Bush from the ambush,
Won't end a clean thing for us 'coz Love's force can't be forced.

If a BUSH or BAR man became president of U.S.A.,
A TAILOR became the president of Liberia,
A GATE man became the world's richest,
Then good fortune and patience will blow your TRUMP.
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