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CONSISTENT LITTLE DROPS - get inspired; short story

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean; the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. The winning stroke of a swimmer is the last of multiple successive strokes. The food we eat will not matter much if eaten just ones in a life time; it matters when it daily nourishes us. A cube of sugar dropped into a drum of water will make no difference if that's all to it, but consistent daily drops of it into that drum of water eventually makes a difference unannounced.

Illustrating with a bathroom, Life is a bucket and your attitude to life are like drops from a tap; no body is configured with a dry tap by the creator. Life bathes you with the kind of water you fill it with; either positive or negative. We have our diverse daily responses to diverse circumstances of life. Never underestimate the importance of successive drops and how much difference it can make in all ramifications of one's life. Imagine consistent daily drops into the bucket of life for a year; that will make a whole lot of difference since life bathes you with the content you drop into it, either negative or positive.
Drops of savings and investments or lavish spendings , kindness or selfishness and hostility, goodness or wickedness, generousity or greed, love or hatred, fear or faith, timidity or boldness, hard work or laziness, seeking knowledge or ignorance, joy or depression, peace or worry, forbearance or impatience, faithfulness or dishonesty, gentleness or fierceness and harshness, self control or instability; what are you filling your bucket of life with. Fill it with positivity until the day you kick the bucket.
Read useful books today and every day, drop a verse of the scripture into your bucket today and every day. How about consistent drops prayers? How about daily drops of worship? How about daily drops of giving into your heavenly account? What virtue and discipline will you start today in little drops? It's all in your hands.
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