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Satan was the thief that got my heart stolen
Yet, I ain't a goner 'cos God's love is my arsenal,
Sin was in me till flushed out by the God in me;
Rather than piss God off, all I did was piss off sin

Satan was the tailor that left me in stitches,
The ruthless comedian that turned my life a joke,
An evil player that turned life a game,
But like a rat with a mic, he's just a loud speaker
Jesus sought me when I was too broke to pay attention,
Snatched me from hell's trick city and put Satan in shock,
Restructured my Chemistry and now I'm in love with God,
The bees are jealous 'cos he calls me honey
Christ as my pastor has made my life a sermon;
An epistle of grace based on Yahweh's own ways,
He's a true programmer; made me righteousness coded;
Bed of roses called grace helps me slip into God's dreams
I was just like math with a lot of problems
Till Christ's divine chemistry showed me solutions,
God as my chef turned me sweet smelling savour,
He'll keep cooking up good stuff till the day life is done.
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