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The miraculous is linked to the ridiculous;
When your hope sees red, remember God parts the red seas,
With jeer echoes of praise, pull down Jericho walls;
God's miracles are possible and very plausible

The miraculous is linked to the ridiculous;
A man with no arms; yet Christ says stretch out your arms,
Abraham had no child but was named father of nations,
They needed wine for party but Christ says, ''serve guests with water''
The miraculous is linked to the ridiculous;
Miracles and instructions; spiritual directions,
As simple as it sounds; makes your next level sound;
Don't resist the Spirit; just obey when he spills it.
Yes! Just OBEY - Obedience Breaks Every Yoke,
If he tells you to PRAY - Prayer Removes Every Yoke,
Wants you to trust in his GRACE - God's Riches At Christ's Expense,
Wants you rooted in this FAITH - First Abide In Trusting Him
Tells you to walk in LOVE - Love Opens Veiled Expressions,
Speaks through the BIBLE - Blessed Info Brings Life Eternal,
His MERCY - Elevates & Readily Complements You,
Don't forget HOPE - Hold On; Press Endlessly.
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