DIVINE RICHES - with His divine store real, he's made my glow real.

Money like paper, I can't be a pauper,
It's really only proper for me to prosper,
I can see with my eyes that I'm gonna rise
Beyond the skies through grace that never dies
I'm linked to the most high as the apple of his eye,
That's the reason why I soar higher than I try,
Been translated from this world; I dwell in God's word,
Yea, princes pull riches; God's principles enriches
I'm the next in line to claim what is mine,
I don't do 4-1-9 except Philippians 4-1-9,
Which is the best business; even God is my witness;
A deal of his fullness; living life in greatness
Jehovah over-do waits not till overdue,
To bless you with breakthrough and good success too,
Philippians 4: 19; that one na hin thing;
I don't lack a thing; Christ is my everything
I'm more than tasting money; I'm a testimony,
A brand new day each morning with riches never mourning,
God's riches is my story as grace speaks His glory,
With His divine store real, he's made my glow real.
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