Disappointing failures, the aches and the pain,
You hope they go away but they resurface again,
Bouts of depression hindering elevation,
Taking your eyes off the past will make you recover fast
God's mercies are new every morning, says the word;
So wake up each morning, to a brand new world,
I can do all things without ever halting,
Through Christ that strengthens me; his strength is in me
The times you are confused, draw knowledge from scriptures,
Times when scared, have faith in God for the future,
Replace those thoughts with what the word has taught,
No Pro misses target on promises focused on
Yesterday is gone; do what needs be done today,
For tomorrow yet unborn will be birth on today,
Don't back down if you fall, all you do is get up,
Don't give up but step up; don't back out but press in.
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