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HE MAKES ME FRUITFUL AND FOOD-FILLED - To defeat satan the boxer, Christ wed me with a ring

He was born as Joseph's son to hit the nail on the head;
That son of the carpenter, na him make me hammer,
I blow like time bomb; he blessed me right on time;
This one pass greenade; He dey blow my mind away
To defeat satan the boxer, Christ wed me with a ring;
Christ's free airtime of love is what I breathe in per seconds,
Just like decimals, God has made my life on point;
Trained me like an athlete now my life's on track
Doctor that keeps me patient in his flow seasoned with thyme;
This patience attracts goodluck; just make Christ your president,
I call him great farmer; gifts me fruits of the Spirit;
He isn't economist; makes me fruitful and food-filled
Being my producer, he now directs my life;
I act in the Spirit 'cos my life's a movie,
Despite the devil's drama, the spite no make me 'cast';
Despite satan the rival, Baba God drives me like a boss
I'm a fan of Christ, he turned my life around;
My big boss no dey tire to keep the goodies rolling,
He's God's first sun that always keeps me shining;
His plane of love plainly keeps me elevated.
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