Peace like still waters is what still matters;
It stills the troubling matters that try to steal your calm,
Sways you out of harm’s way in a rhythm that weighs
Enough to get you to the scene where hope is always seen
As the wind breezes in, the horizon hurries on,
The atmosphere’s been taught to always refresh nature;
My heart’s most fair thoughts are refreshed by its nurture,
Nature with no poor pose; such nurture with purpose
What a scene of harmony where nature is this united,
Unlike the human race that spends her money disunited;
So when no one got your back, make sure you got your back;
Forward match, no turning back; even trees got their bark
Branches dance in threes as ripple sounds thrill the trees;
The leaves wave in response to the waves of the ocean,
Though the wild were ever green, there’ll still be streams to ford;
All the same my grin is wide; a smile all can afford,
Though nature grids in love, man is in love with greed;
Man may stab you in the back; Stand strong and don’t fall back
Trees with roots don’t fear the storm; all they do is shake and dance;
Stormy clouds poor down rain; storms you face can make you reign.
Photo credits: Hifsa Ashraf (Bubbly)
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