I trace back not to set backs but youthful trays of delight,
X-rays of the past from the present sprays of the light,
We're in a constant move to face life's next phase,
We don't base at the base; our place is the palace

An alphabetical gaze at the future that we chase,
Life is in progression; after jays come the kays,
Kingly mace comes after the haze; we won't be dazed for all our days,
We graze the maize of wisdom in the maze of growth

Ace memories of the past that stays to flower the present,
A case still featured in the vase which the future presents,
We brace the present to embrace the featured future;
Experiential rays of wisdom raise us over what our eyes glazed over

Mama prays and says I won't be caught up in the craze
Of those not on life's swing, seen on the wings of hang over;
It can't be game over when I race with life's Range Rover,
I chase my dreams unseen but my running shoe is seen on scene

Mama says chase your dreams, so I sleep with my running shoes clean,
High-spirited mode or Ghost mode; my running shoes are seen;
I don't daydream but I dream while awake
Swung high into the sky, you will soon see me with the rainbow.

Photo Credits: Mai
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