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1. Why did the bee have sticky hair?

2. What bird is the strongest lifter?
3. Which flower is the most talkative?
4. What did daddy chimney say to baby chimney?
5. How to measure a snake?
6. Why did the policeman always carry a pair of scissors?
7. Why is it that bicycles fall over so often?
8. What do you call a bull that likes taking a nap?
9. Why do bees hum?
10. What happens to mountains when they touch each other?
11. How many animals did Moses bring on his Ark?
12. Why are ghost such bad liars?
13. What would you call a person who had no body and no nose?
14. Where do fish sleep?
15. What did one plate say to his friend for dinner?
16. How do you make a hot dog stand?
17. Which US state has rounded ends and is high in the middle?
18. How many gifts can Santa squeeze in an empty stocking?
19. What do you call sending letters to Santa up the chimney
20. Why should you never mess with Santa?

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